5 Best Qualified Female Fitness Trainers To Follow

Qualified Female Fitness Trainers

I’ve pretty much always been active whether it’s been dancing, hiking mountains, doing yoga, learning how to ice-climb or swimming in the ocean. However, it’s only been very recently that I’ve started to work out at home (thanks to four lockdowns). In my quest to be strong, I’ve come across a lot of rogue fitness gurus who, unknowingly, do loads of damage to women.  Here are 5 of the best qualified female fitness trainers I’ve found.

Qualified Female Fitness Trainers

Qualified Female Fitness Trainers To Follow & Workout With

Some Fitness Trainers Don’t Understand Gender or Physiology

There are SO many men out there who got buff and now “want to help women achieve their best” using the same methods. Noble, huh? Not really, it’s based on the misogynistic view that women are weak and can’t help themselves. It makes me so angry when I see my Facebook feed full of paid adverts from fitness men wanting to ‘help women’ yet their methodology and research is all wrong.

There are also a few other few issues with these men: 1) the majority of those men are not qualified. 2) Men lose fat 6 times faster than women and build muscle much more quickly because of testosterone. 3) Women’s bodies do not respond in the same way as men’s. 4) The “you just need to train harder and eat less” myth is rampant.

My Own Journey

I couldn’t understand why I’ve always been fit but fat. I’m very small (just 5ft tall) and although I have a 26″ waist, I look chunky. I’ve never got rid of this fat and I wanted to know why.

So I started to study nutrition, anatomy & physiology and discovered that everything women have been taught about exercise is wrong. We’re literally set up to fail the moment we consider buying exercise equipment or stepping foot in the gym.

Women are repeatedly marketed (targeted) with adverts for gym equipment that’s pink, gold, shiny, cute AND totally ineffective. It’s ineffective because it’s all too light. Women are taught that it’s ok not to lift heavy weights because they can just lift light weights and do twice as many reps. This is wrong and leads to muscle fatigue rather than muscle gain.

Women are also taught to eat fewer carbs and do more cardio. This is also incredibly damaging to women’s bodies and it leads to muscle loss and frustration. Carbs are not the enemy and static cardio destroys lean muscle.

Qualified Female Fitness Trainers

Qualified Female Fitness Trainers

Red Flags To Watch Out For

If you see a fitness person spouting these lies, then you might want to avoid them:

  1. Carbs are bad for you
  2. This workout burns 500 calories in an hour
  3. Here’s how to lose 10lbs in 2 weeks
  4. Use this waist trainer for a skinny waist
  5. Do more cardio
  6. Follow this low carb/low fat/low-calorie diet
  7. Only eat green veg
  8. Avoid all fruit because it has too much sugar in it
  9. Do a detox juice to lose weight & improve your liver function
  10. Do this exercise to lose weight in this one area (fat reduction in specific areas does not work)
  11. Weigh yourself every day
  12. Deprive yourself of food and only eat shakes and bars
  13. Count food as syns


Here Are Some Tips

Here are our top tips on exercise and being healthy for women

  • Ignore weights that are marketed for women. Men’s weights are definitely uglier but they’re so much better for us
  • Ignore exercise bands that are specifically targeted at women. They’re usually too weak to make effective muscle
  • Buy weights that are at least 3kg and above. Lift as heavy as you possibly can without causing injury
  • Do timed exercises rather than numbered sets (ie. do 60 seconds rather than reps of 10). This encourages you to do more & always do more. Like a competition against yourself
  • Squat every day. I never thought I’d say this but squats are so beneficial
  • Enjoy your food
  • Take rest days


5 Qualified Female Fitness Trainers

Here are the 5 qualified female fitness trainers that I have followed and used. I think it’s crucial to be qualified and have the ability to interpret and use science and research to back-up what they’re doing and saying.

Cassey from Blogilates

Cassey is based in California and has over 2m followers on most platforms. She runs regular motivational challenges and every month she sets up a new calendar and fills it full of her workout routines so you don’t even have to think about what you’re doing. After I had an injury, it was Cassey that got me back into working out and kickstarted my fitness journey.

Now, Cassey loves everything pretty and she definitely leans more towards glittery Disney Princess than Wonder Woman (absolutely not a criticism of her) however, her exercises are very easy to follow, brilliant for beginners, warms-ups and short exercises. Cassey explains everything in a really easy to understand way and I love hearing about her life in L.A.

She also normalises eating ice-cream and she makes life that little bit more fun. I still use Cassey’s workouts to warm up to and I incorporate her into a much bigger workout.

You can find Cassey on:

Susan Ohtake from Burn 360

Susan is also based in California and she really introduced me to and made me love squatting. I never thought that I’d say that but I have become a huge fan of squats lol. Susan’s initial video really spoke to me as she discussed different layers of problem fat and how it affects women. I had one of those Ah-Ha moments when I signed up to her Burn 360 course and she introduced me to squatting & lunging but more importantly squatting & lunging WITH weights.

Susan introduced me to really working hard & understanding why I should be doing certain exercises over others. Her videos are easy to follow, she really introduces the exercise and maintaining the correct form.

Susan offers one month free of her Burn 360 program so you can try it before you purchase it (although you do need to give your card details and then cancel it from your dashboard before payment is taken).

You can find her on:

Abby Pollock

Abby popped up on my TikTok one night and taught me how to squat with one leg and an exercise band and I’ve been in love with her ever since. She’s also the most qualified female on this list and I really respect that.

Abby is strong but she doesn’t mind telling you when she’s struggling and I love that. It’s comforting to see that the workouts she creates are hard enough to make her sweat and struggle too. She also normalises sweat, not looking glamorous all the time and doesn’t care if she looks sweaty!

Abby is warm, friendly & welcoming but not in an OTT kind of way and there’s no denying she really knows her stuff. She recently swapped from being a gym-goer to doing home work-outs (thanks covid) and this is reflected in her new workouts – which I think are awesome.

I work out with Abby at least three times a week and I always burn afterwards and I love it.

You can find her on:

Kim French

Kim is super strong and every time I see her, I am just in awe of how strong she is. Kim is British and the only Brit on this list, sadly. Kim transformed her life from frumpy starving, cardio mum to mind-blowingly super strong with enormous muscles that I am just so envious of.

Kim runs a number of plans which you can start at any time and she posts mostly technique videos to Instagram. I really enjoy these technique videos because she mostly concentrates on one exercise & its variations and showing you how to get the best out of it.

These exercises are slow and concentrate on form and are easy to understand. She is big on technique and explaining how that technique can help you get stronger.

You can find her on:

Marsha Hughes

Marsha is from Montreal and she runs shortcircuits-fitness. I bought a medicine ball after my injury and was looking for exercises when I came across Marsha on Youtube.

Her workouts are short, sweet & sweaty and based on strength conditioning HIIT. Her workouts are challenging but definitely doable and they’re short enough to really feel like you could blast them out in your elevenses break.

I incorporate some of her moves into my warmups and work-out with her about once a week.

You can follow her on:

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