Did you know that bamboo is amazingly eco-friendly? Here are 5 Reasons Why Bamboo Is An absolutely great eco product and why you should buy more of it.

1. Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on earth (besides hemp)

Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant because it can grow to full size in just 3-4 months. In comparison to standard trees which can take 30+ years to grow, some bamboo can 3 feet tall in 24 hours.

This makes it a super sustainable alternative due to its naturally renewing properties moreover it doesn’t require pesticides or chemicals to harvest itself. This means cultivation is natural and less harmful to the environment.

2. It’s super-strong and durable

If you’ve ever touched bamboo or tried to break it for a DIY project, you’ll know just how strong it is. It’s of little surprise that it’s likened to steel for its strength and with entire homes built out of bamboo, you can see why it’s used in construction. 

The lifespan of bamboo is longer than you and I and with proper care, your bamboo goodies can be used time and time again without the worry of them deteriorating.

3. Bamboo is safe and hygienic

Bamboo fibres are naturally anti-bacterial without needing toxic chemical treatments, all thanks to its substance called ‘bamboo kun’.

Bamboo kun is found in bamboo fibre and is an antimicrobial bio-agent which gives bamboo its natural antibacterial properties. This prevents bacteria and microbes growing on bamboo products making it the perfect plant for naturally hygienic products such as bamboo straws and cutlery. 

4. Bamboo Is good for communities

 Bamboo production and manufacturing sustains traditional industries and creates stable jobs for local communities where bamboo grows. 

5. Bamboo is environmentally kind

Bamboo forests absorb two times more carbon dioxide than trees and generate up to 30% more oxygen than most other plants and trees.

Bamboo uses only 12 gallons of water to produce one pound of fabric whereas cotton requires over 200 times more. This means that bamboo requires one-third the amount of water than cotton. Bamboo is also a self-sufficient crop that needs no human irrigation and as well as this, bamboo plants have ultra-strong roots making the soil more stable and preventing landslides.



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