Be More Sustainable

Making changes to your life can be daunting & it can be intimidating as to know where to even start. Sustainability means lots of different things to different people and how they’re more sustainable can differ. So if you’re looking for ideas on how to be more eco-friendly & sustainable, here are twenty people who write about sustainability and being more environmentally friendly.

Be More Sustainable

Be More Sustainable

1. Sustainably Chic

Natalie reviews global eco-friendly & ethical companies, sharing her favourites on her blog, Sustainably Chic. The blog is beautifully designed and the products Natalie reviews are both sustainable and aesthetically appealing. She’s a mother-to-be, so we’re excited to learn how she lives sustainably with baby!

2. Reading My Tea Leaves

Erin Boyle tackles sustainability by living simply and purposefully. She embraces the notion of “living small” and we love it! She makes suggestions on how to take smaller steps with her food, travel, and style blog.

3. Moral Fibres

Moral Fibres is a green lifestyle blog writing about seasonal recipes, energy saving, ethical fashion, eco-friendly gardening, ethical shopping, sustainable travel & more

4. Trash Is For Tossers

Lauren Singer from TIFT documents her journey living a zero-waste lifestyle in New York City. Everyone takes their journey differently and Lauren totally gets that! We especially like her posts called Easy Changes, which showcase a variety of little things you can do to work toward a zero-waste lifestyle.

5. Sutton & Grove

Sustainable duo Jill and Luke believe our choices, our voices, our actions and the way we live matters. They share eco-friendly brands that they love, fun DIY projects, sustainable travel and tips for a conscious lifestyle.

6. Going Zero Waste

After a health scare prompted her to make the switch to whole foods, all-natural deodorant, homemade cleaning products, Kathryn Kellogg started Going Zero Waste to share what she was learning. Her blog is filled with actionable tips and informative pieces on things like the circular economy and finding your very own zero-waste community.

7. Selva Beat

Selva Beat is an environmental magazine. They’re making environmentalism part of mainstream youth culture in order to get their readers active and excited about making lifestyle changes. They’re primarily a print publication but keep an eye out on their website for weekly content surrounding ethical fashion, sustainable food, and for quirky, colourful inspiration.

8. Eco Warrior Princess

Jennifer Nini has been blogging about ethical fashion for a decade and is deeply connected to the sustainability community. Her blog Eco Warrior Princess covers a range of topics from closet organisation to thrifting tips, organic food and political activism. Her site is thought-provoking plus she has a podcast for more inspiration!

9. Moral Fibres

Moral Fibres is a UK based blog that breaks green living down into simple to-do steps. Wendy is the founder of the site and has broken her content into 5 categories including style, food and travel. Each category gives actionable advice on how to make greener choices. It’s a solid lunch hour read.

10. Zero Waste Home

Zero Waste Home is the blog that launched a bestselling book. Written by Bea Johnson, a woman who adopted a zero-waste lifestyle back in 2008, heer goal is to shatter the misconceptions people have about the zero waste lifestyle and prove that you can live a stylish, healthy and financially healthy lifestyle.

11. Melanin & Sustainable Style

Melanin & Sustainable Style is a platform dedicated to sustainable development, social innovation and holistic living. Founded by Dominique Drakeford, this blog focuses on the intersection between the ethical and sustainable world and the experience of communities of colour.

12. Sustainable Daisy

Karen (not Daisy) is an environmental scientist, an ethical fashion and sustainable living blogger at Sustainable Daisy. Read earth-friendly product reviews, get thrifty shopping tips and learn new ways to simplify your sustainable lifestyle.

13. Old World New

Green goddess Addie Fisher is a lifestyle blog all about making old things, new! Starting in sustainable building design and navigating her way towards sustainable fashion, Addie shares how she pursues a greener lifestyle.

14. Low Impact

Low Impact is a non-profit organisation created to provide information, training, products & services to help people live more sustainably. Their mission is to help people reduce their impact on the environment, improve their quality of life, gain new skills, live in a healthier and more satisfying way.

15. Carbon Smart

Penny supports and energises individuals to make a real difference within their organisations, sectors or fields as they make the journey towards sustainability. She blogs about her thoughts, updates, links and essays on creating change for sustainable development.

16. Green Element

The Green Element Blog help businesses improve their environmental impact, improve their sustainable business practices, learn from others in the industry via case studies and other information.

17. My Home Farm

Watch this small home farm as they discover country life, home DIY, sustainable living, making their home as eco-friendly as possible and growing and making their own things.

18. Little Green Blog

If you are committed to a greener way of life or are just starting out on the path of eco-awareness, then you might find something within these blog pages to interest you. Little Green Blog has a passion to share the information they have gathered to inspire you to make the small changes you need.

19. Terra Infirma

Terra Infirma Ltd is a UK based environment and sustainability consultancy with an excellent track record in bringing environmental and economic benefits to their clients.

20. Treading My Own Path

Learning, teaching and sharing skills for sustainable living, zero waste, plastic-free, minimalism, real food and simple living. Lindsay supports others to make choices to live with less stuff and less waste and to embrace life more aligned with their values.



Be More Sustainable

Be More Sustainable

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